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      That’s really why we’re here, isn’t it? Here at Villa Montarti we believe that connection is at the very root of all that is meaningful in our lives. It’s the human experience. It’s what we’re all looking for. And when all is said and done, it’s the only thing that really matters.
      Our portrait sessions are unique in that we dig deep into what it most meaningful to you so you have this incredible loving experience, and then you and your family get to reconnect with that authentic love every day because it is made visible with hand-crafted, custom-designed heirloom products. And to top it all off, we bring my background working with museum collections to your photographic collections by helping you permanently curate and preserve your digital legacies.
      Being able to reconnect with that love you have for each other every day has the power to transform a bad day, a bad mood, and even improve a challenging relationship. And you can rest easy that your most treasured possessions, the ones most people say they would run into a burning building to save, are preserved for generations.

      Welcome to Villa Montarti

      In some ways I’ve been a photographer all of my life, but for the last 15 years I’ve had the privilege to help families document their milestones, their relationships, and the love they share by focusing on the thing that makes us uniquely human and life worth living – connection. 

      The images I strive to create are more than just nice pictures for your holiday cards. I want the session itself to be a bonding experience, and then I’m thinking in 30 years, 100 years from now, who will be looking at these images and will they be able to feel some connection to you?

      My background has been eclectic – anthropology, museum curation, education, community development (here and abroad) – and all of it at its core has been about connection, history and making a better place in the world. At the time I sometimes felt like I was zig zagging my way through life, even though each next step unfolded and felt right at the time. Now I know without a doubt that all of those experiences have brought me right where I’m supposed to be. I’m right here, living and loving my people and doing the work that I was meant to do.

      If you’re looking for something more from your portraits and want a photographer who is looking beyond just taking a pretty picture, I’d love to meet you too. 

      Ciao xo

      ~ Tracy

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How far in advance are you booked?

      It's typically best to plan 4-6 weeks in advance, although it never hurts to get in touch to see if we have any openings!

      What should we wear?

      We will go over this in depth at your Style & Concept consultation. Additionally, I can connect you with a wonderful stylist if that's more your speed. In fact, she's a fantastic resource you'll want to have on speed dial for many other things!

      Do you travel?

      Yes! I'm happy to discuss your project and give you a quote. As a native Californian and returned Peace Corps Volunteer who ended up in Pittsburgh, I've always loved to travel and meet new people. Let's chat!

      How much should I expect to spend?

      The quick answer is that it really depends on what you love and my only goal is to ensure that's what you get. With that said, clients spend anywhere from 700 to several thousand dollars depending on their goals, the session type, and which products they select.

      The best way to get an accurate estimate is to schedule a call so I can get a better sense of what you're wanting from your session.

      Can I purchase a gift certificate for a friend?

      Yes, we offer gift certificates starting at $500, though we strongly recommend purchasing a certificate for at least $690, as that will allow your friend to experience a session and get a couple of images without any additional purchase needed. An exception would be if you know your friend is already a client of ours and you just want to contribute to their next session.

      Do you offer payment plans?

      We realize that custom portraits can be an investment. We do have a couple of options to help make your purchase easier. When you schedule your call, let us know if you'd like more information.

      Do you offer digital files?

      Yes, we include the full resolution digital file with every product we offer! And because digital files are prone to data loss, mismanagement, and technology changes, we also offer solutions to help you with properly managing your files so that you don't end up losing half of them or handing your children the equivalent of an avalanche to go through one day. This gives you the best of both worlds (quality prints and digitals) to ensure that your valuable images are preserved for generations.

      What's the best way to get in touch?

      The very best way to see if we're a good fit for you is by scheduling a call (click the link at the top right of the page). We'll be able to get a better sense of what you're looking for in a session and answer any questions you may have.