Christmas time is my most favorite time of year… not the rampant frenzy of gift buying and cheesy decorations of course, but more for the quieter experiences and traditions we look forward to every year. Yes, even the snow (though I never had any growing up). As many of you know, I’m a transplant here to Pittsburgh from Southern California and although I have lots of extended family here, I miss my family terribly. We do try to get out there once a year, but it isn’t quite the same, not even a little bit.

      Christmas also reminds me so much of my grandmother (Bubba) who passed away a few years ago. It was her holiday! She made the BEST apple pie I’ve ever had anywhere, I kid you not. She was the life of the party and everyone loved her, even strangers everywhere she went. And her fudge was famous too – she used to make pounds and pounds of it and send it to all of the cousins. She was one of 11 kids, so there are a LOT of cousins!

      She really went all out to try to make Christmas a special time for all of us. So although I truly am SO excited about the Christmas storybook event this weekend, it’s bittersweet. I wish she could be here to see this. She would LOVE it. And I’m sure she’d be right there laughing and greeting everyone with all of her Christmas regalia.

      My grandmother who always made Christmas special
      The original “Santa’s Number 1 Elf”

      One other thing about Bubba. As long as I can remember, she signed most of the gifts she gave us as being from “Santa’s #1 Elf” – and she was!

      So when my daughter was about 5 years old and we were discussing how Bubba was Santa’s #1 Elf, she thought about it for a moment, then her face suddenly lit up BIG and she asked me wide eyed, “Does that mean that I’M PART ELF?!” Yes it does, honey! Yes it does.

      She’s almost a teenager now but her inner elf is coming out to help out with the event this weekend. We are having a lot of fun getting her ready and she’s very excited.

      Here’s the thing though, even though I’m creating this experience for my clients, it’s like I’m getting to do it for myself and my family too. To pass along some of the Christmas Magic that my Bubba gave to me.

      Maybe I’m part elf too.


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