Love Notes

      While I love creating images and doing what I do, at the end of the day, it’s all about you. I want the images we make together to be the ones that make your heart go pitter-patter 20, 30, 40 years from now. So it makes my heart sing when I get love notes from you… that means I’ve succeeded! And if you cry (or better yet, your husband cries) then I really know that I’ve created something meaningful that you’ll treasure forever.

                          ~ Tracy xo

      Here are some of the love notes I’ve received…

      We have been SO thrilled with the photos you’ve taken of Samuel over the last year or so.  Michael (who had historically not been a believer in the value of professional photography!) was thrilled with the photos from last Spring at the Homestead that we gave him for Fathers’ Day.  It was the first time Samuel had been professionally photographed and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the number of fantastic shots you captured in such a short period of time!

      As you know, I was nervous about how he would react during the Santa photo shoot and, again, you worked your magic.  His grandparents were absolutely thrilled to see the 8×10 photos under the Christmas tree; what a special gift!

      Most recently, we were touched by the moments and images you captured before we moved of my pregnancy and the special bond that already exists between Samuel and his future little brother, Wilson.  My husband fell in love with the maternity shots, as well!

      We look forward to being in your capable hands again for similar moments in Wilson’s life and look forward to a family session in the future.

      You are incredibly talented and have such a wonderful spirit that illuminates your work and we are fortunate to know you on not just a professional level, but also a personal one.
      Thank you again for the memories you have captured for us.

      Hugs and kisses,
      Beth Ann


      Just wanted to take the time to Thank You for being our favorite photographer! We believe your talents are a true blessing. You are amazingly able to see emotions through your lens~love, joy, happiness and more. These feelings come across when anyone looks at your absolutely beautiful photographs. You captured our daughter, Alaina in so many ways in our session! Her innocentness, playfulness and adventurous side all show through in the prints. Our hearts just melt each and every time we look at them! She is growing and changing each day and thanks to you, we have her precious face~ eyelashes, freckles and all, frozen in time!! Our day with you was so fun: from getting to know you in the backyard to silly shots in my favorite chair in the front yard to checking out the local creek to walking the “tracks” . And don’t forget loading up on bug spray for the purple meadow! We appreciate you for being such a special person and a special friend too. Thank you most of all for just being YOU!

      Love and smiles, Tim, Jodi, Alaina and Murfey


      Hi Tracy, the photos are just fabulous. I am speechless and Frankie said he wanted them to keep going. I don’t know how you do it, but you are the best, especially in the worst of situations.

      I really don’t have the words to describe what your photos mean to me. I want to THANK YOU  from the bottom of my heart.




      I wanted to thank you again for everything. I just cant believe how great this whole experience has been! I look forward to all the smiles on Christmas when our parents get the pictures. I also plan to do two albums for the boys and store them away to give to them when they are older. Joey has been asking to look at the pictures all day and he fell asleep looking at them tonight. He kept asking what’s your favorite Mommy and I had to say all of them honey! Have a Merry Christmas…..and a “picture” perfect New Year!